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Policies and procedures, referral forms, volunteer handbook, service user and volunteer agreements and promotional materials


policies & procedures

We have defined a set of policies and procedures which regulate and inform our workers.


It's not an inclusive list but our Board has identified the key areas of our service (e.g health & safety, equal opportunities, confidentiality, safeguarding vulnerable people).  


Some of the following Policies and Procedures are currently under review * and will all be available soon. In the interim, if you require one not available via a link, please contact the B3 office on 020 8459 9510 or if you wish to discuss a policy.


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As part of your induction to the charity, you will need to make yourself familiar with our policies and materials.

If you are interested in volunteering on the weekend, please fill out an application form (Word and PDF formats). We will check references before you start working. Contact Radha Allen on 07958 086346.

If you are interested in volunteering at BSAFE please read the latest edition of our handbook. It outlines our weekend service and requirements for volunteers. A MUST read!

B3 along with Brent DAAT designed and implemented this charter to ensure the substance misuse treatment services deliver a high standard of care to service users

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This agreement is signed by service users who attend the weekend service.  It identifies the standard of behaviour expected and details about the weekend service.

All members participating in the group must read and agree to the following rules to ensure the safety of all involved.  B3 members get the opportunity to discuss existing rules and any suggested additions or changes during meetings.

Volunteers are required to sign and abide by this Code of Conduct which identifies the standards we are committed to maintain such as safeguarding, confidentiality, boundaries and health & safety.

This agreement is signed before commencing supervision and provides volunteers and supervisors with a clear understanding of where the boundaries of confidentiality lie, so as to protect and maintain a safe, effective relationship.

Your supervisor will follow our standardised form during your supervision session. Supervision is an opportunity to discuss what's working well and what's not working for you. BSAFE volunteers are given monthly supervision sessions.

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Interested?  You are welcome to refer yourself on to the course.  As part of the application process we will ask for a written reference from either your key worker or health care professional.  If you have any questions, please contact Radha Allen on 07958 086346 or

Application form in PDF format for the Recovery Champions Course.

Referral Form

Referral form in Word document (docx) format.

A4 poster (PDF format) advertising to the course to service users.

This brochure (PDF format) is a handy tool to show people what the course is about and outlines the benefits of attending. 

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recovery champions course
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