We have a Admin/Peer Support role available

Peer Support/Admin Worker


Job Title: Peer Support/Admin Worker (part time)

Reports to: B3 Service Manager

Responsible for: B3/BSAFE Service

Grade /Salary: £22,000 pro rata (including London Weighting)

Hours: Up to 30 hours per week

Role Purpose

• To provide wide ranging administrative support to the Service Manager and Peer

Support Workers.

• Work professionally, flexibly and creatively, promoting a culture of positive change and


• Work collaboratively with colleagues and partner services.

• Co-facilitation of B3 services.

• Understand issues of social exclusion, diversity, offending and substance use.

• Adhere to policies relating to safeguarding and governance.

• To communicate B3’s vision and help deliver its mission.

• To improve access to appropriate services for clients with substance misuse issues.

• To assist in the delivery of an integrated service through the provision of training and


• To manage the day-to-day administration for the project in relation to Health & Safety.

Benefits Information

We have offered some flexibility in your contract hours as many applicants are claimants of

benefits. We have given you the most up to-date information, however, the responsibility is

yours to work out what best suits your situation.

If you work less than 16 hours a week, you may be able to claim Income Support or

Jobseeker's Allowance. However, if you have a partner who lives with you and works 24

hours a week or more, you will not be able to claim these benefits. Your partner may be able to claim

Working Tax Credit instead. For more info https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefitguides/Working-hours-benefits-rules/Which-benefits-are-affected-by-hours-worked

If you are getting Employment and Support Allowance and other benefits because of an illness or

disability you may be able to do some types of work within certain limits. This is called 'permitted


The idea of permitted work is that it allows you to test your own capacity for doing some work and

perhaps gain new skills. To help make these possible earnings under permitted work

are ignored in the benefit calculation, up to a limit of £115.50. For more info https://


Applications close end of business on Friday 1st July 2022.

Interviews will be held during the week of Monday 11th July 2022.


1. To undertake administrative duties, as required by the Service Manager, e.g., minute taking,

office diary co-ordination, dealing with routine correspondence associated with the running of the B3


2. To develop and maintain record keeping systems, as required by Service Manager, for the

B3/BSAFE service.

3. In absence of Service Manager, to ensure that basic general correspondence and telephone

calls are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

4. To be responsible for the collation of all information relating to services and service users to

enable the provision of regular data activity and outcome reports to the management and the Board of

Trustees as required showing service standards are achieved.

5. To liaise with partnership services and local agencies, as required by the Service


6. To co-ordinate the BSAFE weekend service.

7. To supervise volunteers.

8. To maintain the B3’s policies and procedures.

9. To attend supervision and team meetings so as to fulfil your role as an effective member of the


10. Carry out any reasonable and lawful duties and responsibilities as required by the




• Ensure confidentiality at all times, only releasing confidential information obtained during the course

of employment to those acting in an official capacity.

Data Protection Act

• To comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Conflict of Duties

• All applicants to any post within B3 are required to declare any involvement either directly or

indirectly with any firm, company or organisation that has a contract with B3. Failure to do so may

result in an application being rejected or dismissal after appointment.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

• To ensure that all service users, their partners, colleagues both in B3 and other partner

organisations are treated as individuals within B3’s Diversity and Equality framework

Health and Safety

• You are required to comply at all times with the requirements of the Health and Safety regulations

and B3’sHealth and Safety Policy and Procedures.

• You are responsible for taking reasonable care with regard to yourself as well as any colleague,

client or visitor who might be affected by an act or failure to act by yourself

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