Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, Sufra will be transitioning to deliveries, instead of guests coming to Sufra to pick up their parcels.

Please let one of the B3 team know if you need a voucher and we will complete the online form each time a food parcel is required by a household. Guests will receive a pre-packed parcel to last them one week; unfortunately it will be slightly smaller due to the current situation. There is also unfortunately no guarantee that we can provide baby milk, toiletries or nappies, however if we have it in stock, we will provide.

Once you have completed this form, they will contact you to arrange delivery on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. They will inform the guest in advance of delivery time and date and will call again at the time of delivery. This is a contactless service; the driver will drop the parcel by the door and then call the guest once they have returned to their car. If the guest does not come out to receive the parcel, the driver will take the parcel back and re-delivery will have to be arranged, which may be in up to 5 days time.

If you have any questions please contact one of the B3 office.

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